Retro Splash

Bradshaw Orrell knows how to throw a party. So, when he gathered friends and family poolside recently, he styled his soriée after the iconic photographer Slim Aarons, famous for chronicling fabulous, fashionable trendsetters of the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Compassionate Communicator

Tabitha Allen-Draft believes in the power of compassion, connection and communication. She is a powerful advocate for all three and uses her skills to build bridges between the deaf and hearing communities.

Mr. Nice Guy

Michael Tourek is a genuinely nice guy: A loving husband, devoted dad, inspiring teacher – and an accomplished actor. Interestingly, some of the characters he portrays are decidedly not so nice. But he brings them all to life, and well, the opposite of that, too.


MOD Society Magazine July/August 2021


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